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GUANGZHOU, China — China’s technology sector has taken a wild creep for the duration of the final yr, with regulations tightened, billions of bucks wiped off companies’ market value, and a exact push from Beijing for technological self-sufficiency.

These are amongst the crucial topics that shall be addressed at CNBC’s annual East Tech West occasion in the Nansha district of Guangzhou in southern China.

Right here’s a study the tip considerations and focuses of China’s technology sector trusty now.

China’s tech crackdown

That has weighed carefully on China’s cyber web names. For instance, Alibaba’s shares are down 41% yr-to-date.

A number of questions are swirling:

  • Will China introduce extra novel regulations and in what areas?
  • What companies could presumably well very successfully be centered subsequent?
  • What does it mean for thunder of the tech sector in China?

CNBC tackled a number of of this in a most modern episode of the “Previous the Valley” podcast below. These conversations will proceed at East Tech West.


The continuing technology rivalry between the U.S. and China has added urgency to Beijing’s push for increased self-sufficiency across a range of sectors. A form of is semiconductors, which are serious for every thing from autos to cell phones.

However China is struggling to exercise up with the U.S. and other countries, and that is the reason due to of the complexity of the semiconductor supply chain, which is dominated by international companies.

A staunch example is the self-discipline of chip manufacturing. SMIC, which is China’s very very best contract chip producer, is several years at the support of Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung. SMIC is fully unable to gain the most modern reducing-edge chips required for leading smartphones.

International companies dominate the most superior tools and tools required for the gain of excessive-stop chips. U.S. sanctions have denied China gain entry to to just a few these tools. Chinese companies can not compete.

How China will boost its domestic chip industry in the face of these hurdles is a well-known, ongoing debate.

‘Frontier’ tech

The semiconductor industry is suitable one in every of many industries the attach China is trying to lift its credentials.

In its 5-yr pattern conception, the 14th of its sort, launched earlier this yr, Beijing acknowledged it would contrivance “science and technology self-reliance and self-development a strategic pillar for national pattern.”

The conception identifies areas which Beijing sees as “frontier technology” — synthetic intelligence (AI) and rental shuffle.

China has made well-known growth in rental, along with launching its have rental space. It has ambitions to send its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033.

By contrivance of man-made intelligence, Chinese technology giants from Baidu to Tencent are investing carefully.

Electric autos

About 1.1 million electrical autos have been sold in the most fundamental half of this yr, almost as many as have been sold in all of 2020, in step with market analysis company Canalys. China is the world’s very very best electrical vehicle market.

That thunder has attracted quite a lot of most modern avid gamers with a technology background. Xiaomi, which is legendary for smartphones, expects to mass fabricate its have electrical autos in the most fundamental half of 2024, whereas search huge Baidu has state up its have electrical automotive industrial with Chinese automaker Geely.

China’s economic slowdown

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