(CNN Alternate)For 11 weeks, the one phrases from Elizabeth Holmes in her legal trial got here from primitive TV interviews, an audio recording of an investor call and text messages provided to the jury.

But over the course of two days this week, and a fast look the week prior, Holmes took the stand for roughly nine hours sooner than a packed San Jose court. She testified about the muse of Theranos, the evolution of its blood-testing devices and the certain feedback she claimed to possess got alongside the arrangement.
Holmes admitted to just some of the prosecution’s most damning allegations while offering up alternative explanations. Now and then, she displayed some contrition. But all thru her testimony, she tried to sow doubt that she had any plot to deceive — a key part of what federal prosecutors are looking out out to tag. She also deflected duty onto others by merely naming who held optimistic roles on the corporate.
“The defense can earnings if it can undermine the manager’s fable that Holmes knew about and directed the alleged fraud at Theranos,” acknowledged Miriam Baer, a professor at Brooklyn Law College, informed CNN Alternate.
For Holmes, 37, the stakes couldn’t be larger. Holmes faces 11 legal fraud charges on allegations she knowingly misled buyers, sufferers, and doctors about the capabilities of Theranos for monetary plot. Holmes, who has pleaded now now not guilty, faces as a lot as 20 years in penal advanced and a elegant of $250,000, plus restitution, for every and each count of wire fraud and each conspiracy count.
A Stanford College dropout, Holmes based Theranos at age 19 with the lofty mission of revolutionizing blood testing and spent a decade working beneath the radar in its quest to develop so. By 2013, the corporate claimed to possess developed progressive blood testing technology that will accurately, reliably and efficiently behavior a vary of assessments the use of upright just a few drops of blood.
Holmes used to be hailed as a outstanding success story. She used to be lauded on journal covers as the richest self-made lady and “the subsequent Steve Jobs.” She raised $945 million from buyers, as soon as valuing the startup at $9 billion. Then it all began to resolve when a Wall Avenue Journal reporter began poking holes in the corporate’s claims.
Holmes is slated to renew testifying subsequent week when court docket is support in session on Monday, Nov. 29 at 10 am local time. After her authorized skilled is accomplished questioning her, the prosecution will fetch its flip. Right here is what we possess learned thus removed from her time on the stare stand.

Holmes personally added pharmaceutical logos to experiences that buyers testified misled them

In one in every of basically the most inserting moments of her testimony so far, Holmes admitted she used to be the one which affixed logos from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Schering-Plough onto experiences that Theranos willing sooner than circulating them.
Plenty of buyers and substitute companions possess testified they believed the experiences were from the pharmaceutical companies and indicated they had endorsed Theranos’ technology.
At some point soon of its case, the manager had tried and didn’t pinpoint who at Theranos had added the logos to the experiences. But on Tuesday, Holmes’ authorized skilled Kevin Downey requested her in his deadpan questioning: “Who added the logos of these companies to the discontinue of these paperwork?” Holmes testified: “I did.”
“This work used to be done in partnership with these companies, and I used to be trying to bring that,” Holmes acknowledged. She acknowledged that she had heard the sooner testimonies from witnesses who believed the experiences were from the pharmaceutical companies. “I wish I had done it in any other case,” she testified.

Holmes acknowledges use of modified third-event devices

Holmes also confirmed the corporate worn commercially-sold lab tools to test affected person samples and testified that Theranos withheld this knowledge from many members, collectively with on the least one predominant retail accomplice.
While stare testimonies suggested Theranos’ leaned on third-event machines on account of its technological failings, Holmes portrayed the resolution as a response to accommodate a key retail partnership with Walgreens.
The retailer, she testified, had optimistic now to now not bring Theranos’ devices into its stores until the startup got regulatory approval. Theranos “agreed to develop what Walgreens wanted,” she testified, and situation up a central lab.
But Holmes acknowledged at a favorable point, it grew to turn out to be impractical for its proprietary devices — which she acknowledged were supposed to be operated by “a layperson or a technician at a retailer” and job one sample at a time — to speed assessments in a central lab. For that reason, she acknowledged, Theranos “made inventions” on commercial lab tools, altering them to job diminutive quantities of blood.
That aggregate, Holmes testified, used to be thought to be a “substitute secret.” Because of this, Theranos didn’t tell many about its reliance on these machines, collectively with Walgreens.
Holmes pinned the resolution to withhold the knowledge on her company’s attorneys. “This used to be an invention that we understood from our counsel we needed to provide protection to as a substitute secret,” she acknowledged. “The immense clinical instrument companies fancy Siemens would possibly perchance well well perchance with out pickle reproduce what we had done in the event that they knew what we were doing… And so the advice used to be to withhold it confidential so that Theranos would possess the likelihood to earnings off of that invention.”
Holmes testified Theranos did tell its use of the third-event devices to the US Meals and Drug Administration as successfully as to board members. Nonetheless, one in every of its high-profile board members, frail Protection Secretary James Mattis, testified earlier in the trial he didn’t retract this detail coming up.

Holmes mentions a key title for the predominant time

After two days on the stare stand, Holmes in the slay mentioned the title “Sunny Balwani,” her ex-boyfriend who served as Theranos’ COO. Sooner than the originate of the trial, court docket paperwork indicated she would possibly perchance well well perchance testify that she used to be the victim of a decade-long psychologically, emotionally and sexually abusive relationship with Balwani. These allegations, which Balwani’s attorneys possess denied, are supposed to communicate to her arrangement of pondering on the time of the alleged fraud.
Thus far, Holmes hasn’t testified about the private nature of their relationship in any appreciate.
Her first mention of him got here as somebody who used to be alive to on the corporate’s negotiations with Walgreens. She then mentioned him several extra times, collectively with as being accountable of monetary paperwork and projections. Thought to be one of the ways whereby the manager has alleged Theranos misled buyers used to be thru counterfeit and deceptive monetary statements and devices.
Balwani will face the identical charges as Holmes when his trial gets underway subsequent year. He has also pleaded now now not guilty.

Holmes’ charm and charisma on corpulent showcase

For the predominant time, jurors got to see Holmes’ charisma — which helped convince buyers, retail executives and ability to wager on the corporate — on corpulent showcase.
Holmes, unmasked and with her head a shrimp bit tilted, engaged in solid gape contact with her authorized skilled as he puzzled her. She confidently and deliberately answered to his questions. Now and then, she offered a diminutive laugh, a smile and even a tidbit of recordsdata that would possibly perchance well well perchance succor to humanize her to the jury. Asked Tuesday, let’s remark, whether or now now not she knew the date that a divulge investment closed, she testified: “I develop know on legend of it used to be my birthday. February third of that year.”
On scheduled breaks, Holmes would possibly perchance well well be considered embracing guests and relations. Her mother, Noel, has been a fixed in the courthouse for the reason that originate of the trial. Her accomplice, Billy Evans, shall be continuously in attendance. A diminutive community of unidentified others, who’re apparent guests or family, has also been in the court to stare her testimony.
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