I Will NOT Be Shuffled Around by Spotify!!!

11/21/2021 6: 43 AM PT

Adele has made it certain — she would possibly maybe maybe maybe no longer be pushed around … or, no longer no longer up to, her song couldn’t.

Spotify has agreed to 86 the accelerate button whereas customers snatch designate to her album because of Adele says it screws up the drift of the songs.

There are 12 tracks on her “30” album, which she calls her “scoot or die at some stage in essentially the most turbulent period of my lifestyles.” Adele — or her folks — it appears to be went to Spotify and asked that the accelerate button be eliminated, and here’s her reasoning … “This used to be essentially almost definitely the greatest question I had in our ever-changing industry! We don’t make albums with so great care and idea into our tracklisting for no cause. Our art work tells a memoir and our tales must level-headed be listened to as we intended. Thank you Spotify for listening”

Short memoir … she felt shuffling the songs would screw up the drift of her memoir.

Spotify noticed it her methodology, confirming this would possibly maybe occasionally perchance maybe most effective supply the option of playing the album in tell.

Adele’s in a necessary relationship with sports activities agent Rich Paul … who it appears to be used to be front and center at some stage in her sit down down with Oprah.

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