Syracuse, NY – Simplest-promoting writer Alice Sebold in her memoir “Lucky” remembers the moment in court docket that she would possibly possibly well furthermore in the damage let herself lay eyes on the person accused of raping her in Syracuse’s Thornden Park in 1981.

“I did what I became warned now to now not,” she wrote. “I centered my attention in (his) face. I stared at him. For a number of seconds, I became unaware of (the attorneys), or of the court … I wished my lifestyles abet.”

Asked to establish her attacker, Sebold looked all over the court and picked Anthony Broadwater.

That became a moment Broadwater remembers, too: He looked spherical and noticed he became the excellent Gloomy man in the court, he remembers. He realized he became going to be convicted for a crime he insisted he didn’t put.

That moment sent their lives in very assorted directions.

Sebold, then 18, went on to sell millions of books as an award-winning writer, constructing a writing occupation that incorporated her chronicle of the horrific rape she continued May possibly maybe possibly 8, 1981 and how she reclaimed her lifestyles later on. She’s most illustrious for her finest-promoting new “The Horny Bones,” that became made proper into a movie.

Broadwater, then 21, became convicted of first-stage rape and continued bigger than 16 years in penal complex – collectively with stints in Attica, Teach Teach and Auburn. He became a registered sex culprit for nearly 40 years. He’s needed to problem by since his launch from penal complex in 1999, working in factories and extra special jobs, burdened by the recognition of a convicted rapist.

Their lifestyles tales crossed again Monday in a assorted Syracuse court when a pick threw out Broadwater’s rape conviction. By Tuesday, his sex culprit profile on the inform registry became erased and – in the eyes of the law – it’s now as even if the conviction never came about.

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick argued for Broadwater’s exoneration in court docket, siding with two protection attorneys, David Hammond and Melissa Swartz, who now not too long ago identified excessive issues with the 1982 trial.

“I’m now not going to sully this proceeding by announcing, ‘I’m sorry,’ That doesn’t decrease it,” Fitzpatrick told a pick.

Broadwater’s exoneration, first reported by | The Put up-Common, reverberated all over the nation this week. It became a dramatic twist for a globally identified writer and the scrap-amassing ex-con who burst into tears at the pick’s resolution. Broadwater’s chronicle is in most cases a e book or film, too.

Seemingly the most excessive questions that ended in the conviction being overturned surrounded Sebold’s misidentification of Broadwater in a lineup before the trial. She picked the gruesome man, an act that Fitzpatrick mentioned must nonetheless beget ended in Broadwater’s immediate launch in 1981.

As a replacement, Broadwater became indicted, resulting in the day that the 2 locked eyes in the Syracuse court in May possibly maybe possibly 1982. Sebold became on the peep stand, describing her assault, when she became asked to present her rapist.

In “Lucky,” Sebold writes about intentionally warding off describing Broadwater as Gloomy as she pointed him out. But for Broadwater, his run became all too real.

“I’m the excellent Gloomy man in the court,” Broadwater recalled to | The Put up-Common, collectively with later, “I didn’t realize that no topic what I did, I became potentially going to be convicted.”

The evidence in opposition to Broadwater? Sebold’s identification of him in court docket and a forensic case constructed on dinky hair diagnosis, one in every of those evidence later thought of junk science by the FBI.

Broadwater mentioned he volunteered for every test that police wished to abolish, collectively with hair and fingerprints. He mentioned he hoped one thing would show cloak his innocence.

“I’ll give them no topic evidence they wish,” Broadwater recalled thinking. “It’s nonetheless now not me.”

He had opted now to now not beget a jury trial, but Deem Walter T. Gorman found him guilty and sentenced him to 8⅓ to 25 years in inform penal complex.

After Broadwater had been in penal complex for nearly a decade, the rape equipment became destroyed. The records show cloak that came about in 1989, his attorneys mentioned. That’s bigger than a decade before fashionable DNA technology would possibly possibly well beget been in a jam to establish the rapist.

Following his penal complex launch, Broadwater saved what money he would possibly possibly well furthermore to strive to show cloak his innocence. He as soon as spent $300 on a polygraph test (which he passed) and later tried to rent O.J. Simpson’s authorized official, Johnnie Cochran, with a $1,000 test (later returned after Cochran illustrious he didn’t put appeals on convictions).

With no doubt one of his new attorneys, Hammond, mentioned that Broadwater has volunteered for every test ever asked of him. Sooner than incandescent that the rape equipment had been destroyed, Broadwater volunteered this year to present DNA samples, mentioned his other authorized official, Swartz.

Hammond mentioned he’s convinced Broadwater didn’t put it, but without the rape equipment, it would possibly possibly possibly’t be confirmed conclusively.

“I do know Tony Broadwater is harmless,” Hammond mentioned. “You learn the trial transcript, you learn Ms. Sebold’s e book and also you seek recommendation from Tony Broadwater and also you know he’s harmless… He’s merely now not the person Ms. Sebold described in her e book.”

Broadwater stands by what he has mentioned for 40 years: He did now not rape Sebold. Moreover the overturned rape conviction, he has no prison file, his attorneys mentioned.

Broadwater’s attorneys mentioned the inform of Unique York bears accountability for his wrongful conviction and they opinion to glance monetary compensation for him.

Sebold did now not answer to extra than one inquiries for comment from | The Put up-Common.


Alice Sebold, pictured in 2002, wrote the 1999 memoir “Lucky” about being raped as a Syracuse College scholar in 1981 and combating for her attacker’s conviction. (Scribner; Linked Press)Scribner; Linked Press

A haunting e book

Sebold’s searing memoir of her rape did now not mention Broadwater by name. She frail an alias for her attacker, Gregory Madison.

The night of the attack, Sebold returned to her dorm room and contacted the police. It would exhaust one other 5 months before Broadwater’s arrest.

Sebold, a scholar at Syracuse College, left for summer recess after the attack. She stunned nearly all people, she wrote in “Lucky,” by returning in the drop: Despite all the pieces the rapist had taken from her, he wouldn’t be in a jam to exhaust that, she wrote.

Whereas strolling on Marshall Boulevard come SU in October that year, she noticed a man who she believed resembled her attacker. That man became Anthony Broadwater.

He had factual been discharged from the Marines to indulge in his cancer-afflicted father, Broadwater later testified in court docket. That day, he became utilizing with a chum in a Jeep all over the university jam.

Sebold wrote in “Lucky” that she became convinced that Broadwater became her rapist. And, she wrote, he acknowledged her and laughed.

“He became smiling as he approached,” Sebold wrote. “He acknowledged me. It became a stroll in the park to him; he had met an acquaintance on the road. I knew him, but I would possibly possibly well furthermore now not put myself talk. I needed all my energy to heart of attention on believing I became now not under his retain watch but again.”

Sebold wrote that Broadwater called out to her.

“I did now not answer,” Sebold wrote. She wrote that she became too alarmed to call out: “That’s the person that raped me!” As a replacement, she stored strolling as she mentioned she heard him laughing.

“He had no fear,” Sebold wrote. “It had been nearly six months since we’d considered every other closing. Six months since I lay under him in a tunnel on top of a mattress of broken glass. He became laughing due to he had gotten away with it, due to he had raped before me, and due to he would rape again. My devastation became a pleasure for him. He became strolling the streets, scot-free.”

Broadwater says that he doesn’t bear in mind seeing Sebold on Marshall Boulevard. Despite all the pieces, he says, he’d never met her before. As a replacement, he mentioned he became calling out to a police officer who he’d identified from his teenage years. (The officer later confirmed for the length of the trial that he became talking with Broadwater at the time.)

After Broadwater’s arrest, Sebold took fragment in a lineup in which Broadwater and four other men were shown to Sebold by one-capacity glass.

Sooner than the lineup, Broadwater’s authorized official at the time, Steven Paquette, successfully had one in every of the boys replaced. Paquette described the switch as justified due to now not one in every of the quite so a lot of men looked an neutral like Broadwater, rather then they were Gloomy.

Sebold in the damage picked the person added to the lineup – now not Broadwater. She testified at trial that she thought Broadwater and the person added looked love twins.

In asking for Broadwater’s exoneration, Fitzpatrick wrote in court docket papers closing week that he didn’t glance any particular resemblance between Broadwater and the person Sebold picked.

Anthony Broadwater lineup

Right here’s a photo of a lineup out of which Alice Sebold mistakenly picked the gruesome man in November 1981, nearly six months after her rape. The suspect, Anthony Broadwater, became standing 2d from factual. Sebold picked the person at the factual because the person that raped her.

The penal complex lifestyles

Within the weeks after the trial in 1982, Broadwater remained in the native jail, nonetheless hopeful that his conviction would possibly possibly well furthermore be overturned, he mentioned. But sooner or later, he became loaded on a bus and sent to Attica, the gruesome most-security penal complex come Batavia.

There were gates upon walls upon tunnels conserving inmates from the originate air world, Broadwater recalled. It became a a lot converse from a childhood spent playing sports and making mischief with his 5 brothers.

Broadwater mentioned his father, a widower, and his aunt, who helped elevate him, never doubted he became harmless. But his father became tormented by terminal cancer.

“I’m gonna be all factual, I’m going to nonetheless battle the case. I’m going to be home sooner or later,” Broadwater mentioned he told his father for the length of the one seek recommendation from he made to Attica.

Broadwater made three mates, all from Syracuse, who had all decided to glance transfers to Auburn penal complex due to it became nearer to home. Broadwater hoped his dad would possibly possibly well nonetheless be effectively adequate to hunt recommendation from him.

But his father died while Broadwater became in penal complex. And his mates fell one-by-one: one became murdered in penal complex, one other later committed suicide in jail and a third became killed while on his maintain, Broadwater mentioned.

He spent his penal complex days playing football, finding out cowboy books and making an strive to search out some capacity to show cloak his innocence.

Broadwater became denied parole 5 times before he became at closing launched, in step with penal complex records. He mentioned he stored getting rejected due to he wouldn’t admit his guilt.

He became at closing launched Dec. 31, 1998.

By the time he became exonerated Monday, his cherished aunt who helped elevate him became 99 years pale and no longer in shape to fancy the news, Broadwater mentioned.

“Don’t ever quit,” she’d as soon as told him. “You’ll be blessed.”

Anthony Broadwater cries and holds his wife Elizabeth after Judge Gordon Cuffy overturned his 40-year-old rape conviction. Monday, Nov. 22, 2021 (Katrina Tulloch |

Anthony Broadwater cries and holds his wife Elizabeth after Deem Gordon Cuffy overturned his 40-year-pale rape conviction. Monday, Nov. 22, 2021 (Katrina Tulloch |

Rebuilding a lifestyles

Not as a lot as a year after leaving penal complex, Broadwater went on a date with a girl, Elizabeth. At the quit of the night, Broadwater recalled, he needed to stage with her.

“In case you’re going to be with me, right here’s what I undoubtedly beget on my abet,” Broadwater mentioned. He mentioned he gave her a file on his case.

That night, Broadwater slept on the couch as his date learn the file. “The subsequent day, she came out crying and mentioned, ‘I specialize in you,’” Broadwater recalled.

Elizabeth later turned his wife. And, factual love Broadwater had with his father, he made her a promise.

“I met a individual that believed in me. And he or she’s been with me since 1999,” Broadwater mentioned. “I told her I’d never stop combating this case.”

But there became one component he never would put: beget teens.

“I wouldn’t raise teens into this world due to of this,” Broadwater mentioned. “And now, we’re previous (that) age. We can’t beget teens.”

Broadwater, a registered sex culprit, couldn’t fetch most jobs he sought. As a replacement, he worked as a roof artisan, did demolition and cleanout work, and got non permanent jobs doing all the pieces from bagging onions to mopping floor.

One time, he landed a job at Syracuse China, he mentioned. When the plate manufacturer closed, Broadwater mentioned, he signed up for BOCES classes in heating and air-con. But after a couple of days, Broadwater mentioned, his previous caught as a lot as him and he became barred from campus.

Now 61, Broadwater lives on Syracuse’s South Aspect and will get by hauling particles and repurposing pale steel containers into out of doors meat people who smoke.

“This day, I’m nonetheless struggling,” Broadwater mentioned.

Silent, Monday night felt assorted. For the first time as an grownup, Broadwater mentioned he felt vow.

“It’s onerous to beget that stigma on your abet,” Broadwater mentioned. “Hard and shameful. You don’t are making an strive to be supplied to anybody. To on this time limit, I can depend on two fingers what number of folks beget invited me into their condominium.”

Broadwater mentioned he feels badly for Sebold. But in the occasion that they ever met, he’d show her about his suffering.

“I’d sympathize with her and show her how I felt,” he mentioned. “She’s been a sufferer and I’ve been a sufferer.”

Anthony Broadwater, 61, gives a small smile in the court hallway after Judge Gordon Cuffy overturned the 40-year-old rape conviction that wrongfully put him in state prison for Alice Sebold’s rape. Broadwater was released in 1999, and has remained in the state’s public sex offender registry. Nov. 22, 2021. (Katrina Tulloch |

Anthony Broadwater, 61, offers a shrimp smile in the court docket hallway after Deem Gordon Cuffy overturned the 40-year-pale rape conviction that wrongfully put him in inform penal complex for Alice Sebold’s rape. Broadwater became launched in 1999, and has remained in the inform’s public sex culprit registry. Nov. 22, 2021. (Katrina Tulloch |

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