November 23, 2021 | 11: 26am

Janet Jackson’s Tremendous Bowl stylist is talking out to clarify that the sinful “cloth cupboard malfunction” at the 2004 halftime direct used to be entirely intentional.

“I used to be hired to value a job. I did exactly what I used to be presupposed to value,” Wayne Scot Lukas suggested “Salvage admission to Hollywood” on Monday.

The aged movie superstar stylist acknowledged his job usually required him to indulge in “snaps, pins and velcro” on his shopper’s garments so that even all the design by a speedily-swap, the performance outfit stays collectively.

Lukas acknowledged, therefore, he did what he used to be “hired for” by having part of Jackson’s breast exposed all the design by her performance with Justin Timberlake for his tune “Rock Your Physique.”

“If I’d’ve hurt my friend, I wouldn’t indulge in labored with Janet for six years after the Tremendous Bowl,” Lukas acknowledged. “I’d were fired that day.”

Wayne Scot Lukas with Janet Jackson and Deborah Cox on each side of him.
Wayne Scot Lukas acknowledged he persevered to work with Jackson for years after the Tremendous Bowl fiasco.

Throughout the halftime direct, which 150 million contributors tuned in to, Timberlake, now 40, sang the lyric, “Gotta indulge in you ever bare by the halt of this tune” before tearing off part of Jackson’s top, exposing her breast with a nipple duvet on. Backlash rapid ensued, with Jackson, now 55, getting the brunt of it.

Lukas slammed Timberlake on “Salvage admission to Hollywood” for allegedly blaming him for the mishap and acknowledged he hasn’t spoken to the “SexyBack” singer since.

“[He] came off the stage and acknowledged, ‘It used to be precise a runt cloth cupboard malfunction. All of us want to give you one thing to mediate,’” the movie superstar stylist recalled. “He coined that phrase, and when he acknowledged that, I believed, ‘Friendship over.’

“Materials cupboard malfunction? I don’t malfunction,” he added. “I used to be a talented stylist. $10,000 a day back then. I’m able to’t fail. Why did you stutter that?”

Lukas then blamed producers for now no longer reducing faraway from the controversial shot like a flash enough, claiming that folk at home “had been by no design presupposed to peek a jog the put a breast used to be out” since the network used to be presupposed to “prick to gloomy.”

“Somebody didn’t push the button. Somebody didn’t offer protection to my friend,” he acknowledged.

The stylist also claimed there used to be a pretaped gown rehearsal all the design by which Jackson and Timberlake ran by the performance exactly because it aired.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl.
Lukas slammed Timberlake for calling the sinful 2004 halftime direct point to a “cloth cupboard malfunction.”
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Then again, a top producer of the 2004 halftime direct acknowledged in the brand new documentary “Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson” that she “felt betrayed” by Jackson and Timberlake and had “no files at all of what would possibly doubtless were going on between Janet and her group.”

Outdated MTV senior vice president Salli Frattini acknowledged, “My instincts suggested me that there used to be a non-public dialog between cloth cupboard, stylist and artist the put anyone notion this is able to be a factual understanding, and it backfired.”

Lukas acknowledged Jackson suggested him now to no longer focus on on the Hulu doc, explaining she has plans to focus on it in her rep two-part film airing on A&E and Lifetime in January.

Then again, the stylist acknowledged he felt compelled to focus on up when he obtained a demise menace, asserting, “I obtained to focus on with anyone, so a minimal of it’s on camera.”

Timberlake, for his part, publicly apologized to Jackson in February, writing on Instagram that he had “benefitted from a tool that condones misogyny and racism.”