(CNN)Sandra Bullock has shared the mountainous conceal with Keanu Reeves twice — but she’s down for a third and even has an concept.

Talking to Esquire magazine for a profile on her “Elope” co-star, Bullock stated she’d “love nothing extra than to produce a comedy with Keanu sooner than we every die.” (Grim, but OK.)
“He is humorous. We are in a position to be seventy-five—it’ll be even better then, adore an outdated-of us ‘Cocoon’ thing,” she steered the publication. “We play two humorous outdated of us. A avenue crawl. Upright establish aside us in an RV as outdated of us. It can well also be the bookend of ‘Elope’! We will exact be riding the truth is slowly. Pissing the sphere off. There’s our movie.”
While waiting 18 years for this to happen would no longer sound appealing, the spirit of the postulate is stable. Hollywood, your switch.
In varied locations within the profile, by writer Ryan D’Agostino, Bullock recounted working with the “Matrix” actor on the iconic motion movie within the early 90s and the bond they shared after. (In 2006, they’d star together again in “The Lake Home.”) Although they were never romantically alive to, she stated, Reeves became and remains and uniquely considerate person.
She steered one memoir about offhandedly declaring in a conversation with Reeves that’d she’d never had Champagne and truffles, only to have confidence him whine up at her door days later with plant life, Champagne and truffles.
“That’s what I indicate that it drives you loopy,” Bullock steered the magazine. “After I first met him, I’d exhaust as much time as I could well filling a silence, exact to feel ecstatic. And the extra I jibber-jabbered on, the quieter he would get. And I belief, I produce no longer realize what’s happening! He’s taking a study me with eyes of bewilderment. He is peaceful. Did I command something to offend him? After which a day or two later, he would arrive with a show or somewhat kit, asserting, ‘I belief about what you stated.’ And he would have confidence his response.”
She added: “What number of folk produce you realize adore that?”
One, Sandra. And the Data superhighway would command, he’s breathtaking.
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