You think you’ve inclined quite a bit at some level of the pandemic? You’ve got nothing on the boys — sorry, earn that males — of South Park, who reunite beneath tragic cases within the brand new Put up COVID special, now streaming on Paramount+.

The hourlong match picks up far into the future, many years after the expose’s core four beget stopped speaking to each and each other. Stan, now a internet whiskey consultant in a relationship with a holographic Alexa, is afraid to salvage a mobile phone name from Kyle, who informs his most main faculty excellent friend that Kenny McCormick… is ineffective. Like, for valid this time.

News of Kenny’s loss of life affects all individuals who knew him, including Jimmy, who’s now a gradual-evening discuss expose host — as comedians named Jimmy are wont to fabricate. The newly crowned “king of woke comedy” is so distraught by the details, he cancels on his scheduled customer, none completely different than “First Lady Tom Kardashian.” (Am I the finest one disenchanted that we didn’t to find to meet Tom?)

All of the identical old suspects descend upon South Park for Kenny’s funeral, including Cartman, whose apparent conversion to Judaism doesn’t sit down neatly with Kyle. And may perhaps you blame him? He’s probably traumatized from all these years of antisemitic bullying at Cartman’s mitten-lined fingers. (Speaking of Cartman’s iconic glimpse, turning his hat correct into a yarmulke used to be a stroke of genius.)

However the extra all individuals talks about Kenny, who it seems grew as much as alter correct into a famend millionaire scientist, the extra it starts to glimpse like his loss of life used to be no accident. The gang concludes that Kenny will deserve to beget been killed whereas investigating the muse of the coronavirus, a thriller which deepens when Stan discovers that his analysis leads support to Tegridy Farms.

Kenny’s on-file dwelling off of loss of life is a brand new stress of the coronavirus known as COVID Delta+ Rewards variant, and since one citizen in South Park is published to be unvaccinated (skill to head, Clyde!), all individuals seems pressured to quarantine inner the metropolis limits. There’s a reasonably fabulous 2nd the build Clyde explains that he doesn’t are looking to to find vaccinated this skill that of he’s allergic to shellfish, so if any individual who makes the vaccines passed off to beget now not too long within the past eaten shellfish, it would be sinister. “It’s a fashioned sense of shellfish-ness,” he says. (Obtain it?)

Stan confronts Randy at the Shady Acres Retirement Neighborhood, but his dad isn’t exactly overjoyed to glimpse him, as he blames Stan for both Sharon and Shelly’s loss of life. It seems Stan’s fogeys wished a divorce after the pandemic, and for the reason that farm used to be a well-known source of their battle, Stan determined to burn it down… unaware that Shelly used to be within the barn. As for Sharon, she couldn’t take care of her daughter’s loss of life, so she shot herself.

Randy later comes gorgeous to Stan regarding the origins of the coronavirus — entire with his support-alley pangolin intercourse, which I had at final purged from my mind — but he makes an attempt to budge it into being China’s fault, all a part of their belief to rob America of its tegridy. (“Space Jam 2 came out, and all of us correct extra or much less… gave up. We lost our tegridy, and it used to be all by device. They wanted us to lose it.”)

Stan meets up with all individuals else at the sanatorium, the build they deduce that Kenny has hidden a flash pressure with important files up his butt, which they reluctantly retrieve. A video on the flash pressure unearths that now not finest used to be Kenny attempting to stoop support in time to forestall the pandemic from going down, but he moreover blames the give contrivance of society on his “three d–khead chums, Stan, Kyle and Cartman.” He claims they “ruined all the pieces once they let COVID spoil up their friendship and change into argumentative, combative, pessimistic a–holes.”

“Let’s face it, guys, we killed Kenny,” they deduce after reflecting on how they lost their sense of enjoyable and humorousness. The pandemic used to be a test, and so they failed.

The episode ends with a return to South Park Psychological Asylum Plus, the build Kenny’s correct-hand man “Victor Chaws” is being held. However it completely isn’t unless we glimpse the name mark on his door that we perceive it isn’t Victor “Chaws.” It’s Victor Chaos. (You know, I used to be wondering the build Butters has been!)

Your thoughts on this time-bending South Park special — the first of many? Grade it below, then plunge a commentary with your corpulent analysis.

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