Valentina Shevchenko nearly completely has a future within the UFC’s Hall of Standing. She may perhaps perhaps well honest dangle a future on the huge show veil, as nicely.

Shevchenko, the UFC’s dominant girls’s flyweight champion, has wins in seven straight title fights and 6 consecutive defenses of her belt. The exclusively two losses of her UFC occupation are decision setbacks to Amanda Nunes, the two-division champ considered by many to be the greatest girls’s fighter of all time.

She’s also been remarkably fixed by logging two fights a one year for seven straight years, including correct by the past as regards to three years as champ. So for her so that you just can add a high-terminate movie credit ranking to her resume shouldn’t be taken flippantly.

Shevchenko plays “Lady Killer” within the unique MMA movie “Bruised,” out now on Netflix. The movie is the directorial debut of Oscar winner Halle Berry and also stars Berry as Jackie Justice, a former UFC fighter who has fallen on no longer easy times and takes a chance to climb her come befriend. The closing act is a battle between Berry and Shevchenko’s characters at an Invicta FC match.

For Shevchenko, the becoming fragment about taking time far flung from her staunch battle coaching to work on the movie became that she wasn’t precisely lounging spherical by craft services all day on situation.

“It became expertise,” Shevchenko informed MMA Junkie. “During the general route of, I had so great sure energy surrounding me. Working with Halle, with the general team, it became for sure one of my exclusively experiences ever. And I essentially enjoyed the general route of.

“We were getting willing for the filming two months ahead. We had coaching – no longer easy coaching – for 5 hours day-after-day earlier than we essentially began to movie the battle scene. I may perhaps perhaps dispute it became my longest 5 rounds ever because it became no longer like 5 rounds, 5 minutes, whole 25 (minutes). It became 5 rounds lasted for 5 days.”

Berry, who has been cageside for deal of UFC events by the years, grew up a boxing fan, and that modified into MMA fandom. But she took her non-public coaching in rather a few disciplines to the following level when she took on “Bruised.”

Getting Shevchenko and her striking abilities concerned in regards to the movie became, Berry stated, a “no-brainer.”

“What made me essentially must dangle Valentina in this movie is, by my coaching, I spotted that my floor game became loads better than my standup game,” Berry stated. “And she or he is, pound-for-pound, for sure one of the exclusively strikers the sport will ever expertise. So I believed if my floor game is fine appropriate and I will be able to essentially pull off a accurate grappler, and I will be able to acquire the exclusively standup striker in my weight class to enact this movie with me, I mediate we are in a position to map a essentially dynamic battle.

“With a goal to acquire the exclusively within the sphere while they’re at the tip of their game to come be for your movie, what would be better than that? And to coach from her, study from her – she introduced so great credibility to the battle. She at all times enable us to clutch after we were doing it appropriate, after we were doing it harmful. I knew that I may perhaps perhaps dangle someone standing subsequent to me that will perhaps well narrate authenticity to this battle. That became essentially, essentially significant to me.”

Berry, who has starred in her fine share of motion movies, even stated she made a pitch to “John Wick” director and producer Chad Stahelski for Shevchenko to acquire a job in future installments of the franchise.

Berry had a significant role in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” in 2019, and even though the franchise’s fourth movie has been filming and doesn’t contain Shevchenko, a fifth movie already is in pattern.

“I already informed Chad from ‘John Wick,’ I’m like, ‘You settle on one other badass female to come in right here? Man, you’ve got to acquire Valentina.’ I know for obvious she has a occupation,” Berry stated. “She’s this form of natural. She has a big occupation, each time she wishes it, in these movies. She completely does.”

Shevchenko stated a return to the huge show veil is something she’d be down for, as nicely.

“I enjoyed it with all my heart, and I positively must enact it within the long bustle,” she stated. “And positively, I know Halle goes to dangle rather a few success as a director, and I’m on her team, on her cast team, at all times and ceaselessly.”

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