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There’s nothing treasure a holiday to net you treasure to must attain out to an ex. On Thursday, November 24, Ye (previously identified as Kanye West) posted an Instagram video captioned “Thanksgiving Prayer,” in which he expressed his need to reconcile with his ragged wife Kim Kardashian. “All I deem every day is how I net my family aid together and how I heal the wretchedness that I’ve resulted in,” he acknowledged. The couple identified as “Kimye” obtained divorced in early 2021 after almost seven years of marriage, and Kardashian is reportedly now dating Pete Davidson.

Within the 5-minute clip, a choir wearing gloomy became shown singing whereas Ye explained thru instruct-over that he desired to build finish accountability for his actions. “The one thing that every person my successes and failures obtain in traditional is me,” the 44-year-used reflected. He went on to take care of alcohol habits that heightened his already “hair trigger temper,” moreover to an on-and-off relationship with treatment that he acknowledged left him inclined to manic episodes. (Ye became previously recognized with bipolar disorder in 2016.) He criticized his ego, “self-righteous Christian habits,” and handling of funds. And he also renowned that Kardashian had disapproved of his make stronger of Donald Trump. “I made me and our family a target by no longer aligning with Hollywood’s political stance and that became no longer easy for our marriage,” he acknowledged. “Then I ran for president without accurate preparation and no allies on either aspect. I embarrassed my wife within the manner that I presented knowledge about our family for the duration of the one and — thank God — handiest press conference.”

The impassioned message came a day after Ye took the mic for the duration of a charity match in Los Angeles to acknowledge that he had made mistakes “that weren’t acceptable” as a husband. “The story that God wishes is so that you can sight that every little thing will likely be redeemed in all these relationships,” he acknowledged, adding that he would no longer let E!, Hulu, and Disney — all connected with Kardashian-Jenner truth exhibits — write the story of his family. Later, he shared TMZ’s coverage of the speech on his Instagram memoir alongside a picture of him and Kardashian kissing. And yes, he tagged her. If here’s what Ye is doing in public, we’re going to have the chance to handiest imagine what his internal most pleas are treasure.

Ye Is Praying That He and Kim Kardashian Procure Abet Collectively