Within the Connecticut Forensic Science Laboratory, they’re having a examine drug detection thought of so potentially potent, its lab examiners own naloxone on standby.

“Detecting fentanyl became no longer a big surprise to us it became good the formulation in which it became stumbled on, Michael Rickenbach, deputy director of the chemical analysis half explained. “It became stumbled on laced on marijuana.”

Rickenbach mentioned fentanyl is thought of as one of the foremost pinnacle 5 reported medication brought in as evidence to the lab but this particular fragment of evidence, linked with a recent overdose in Plymouth, is the first lab-confirmed case of fentanyl combined with marijuana ever indicate in Connecticut and potentially throughout the nation.

Within the past four months, the Connecticut Division of Public Health experiences there had been 39 cases the build folks crucial naloxone and needed to be revived after obvious opioid overdoses. The patients mentioned they had handiest smoked marijuana.


“What we hope is that this will steer folks a ways from that illegal market and bring them in opposition to the legalized aspect of issues,” mentioned Brian Foley, assistant to the Commissioner of the Division of Emergency Products and companies and Public Protection.

Foley urged NBC Connecticut that narcotics sellers explain adding fentanyl keeps them aggressive with the growing legalized clinical and commercial marijuana market.

“It’s so easy to in finding, add within the dependancy direct and it good keeps folks coming to that same seller,” Foley mentioned.

Foley and Rickenbach explain the lengthen is believed of so risky, every marijuana sample now coming into the suppose lab will be reviewed even extra thoroughly for fentanyl.

“On this trade we strive no longer to procure the blinders on we deserve to be initiate for practically something else,” Rickenbach mentioned.

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