FIRST ON FOX: An Israeli public firm says it developed the “greatest cure for tiring-stage COVID” and said that the implications of its section II scientific trial, disclosed first to Fox Info, published that sufferers tormented by excessive conditions of COVID-19 had a 94% survival rate after being treated with the drug. 

Israeli biotechnology firm Bonus BioGroup’s cell treatment MesenCure became administered to 50 hospitalized COVID-19 sufferers tormented by life-threatening pneumonia and respiratory harm, the firm said, noting that 47 of these sufferers had survived. 

“These are potentially the most clinically main outcomes supplied at present time for treating excessive COVID-19 sufferers,” Dr. Tomer Bronshtein, the pinnacle of learn at Bonus BioGroup Ltd., suggested Fox Info in an unfamiliar interview. 

Bronshtein said the section II scientific trial, which as of late concluded and took situation in a lot of medical services and products in Israel, published that MesenCure can “save three out of four of us which might be at risk of loss of life” and “can decrease their health heart length of close by half of.” He said it “will traipse their therapeutic in a fashion that might trigger much less permanent tissue disaster and decrease the risk for ‘prolonged COVID.’” 

Israeli biotechnology company Bonus BioGroup’s cell therapy MesenCure 

Israeli biotechnology firm Bonus BioGroup’s cell treatment MesenCure 
(Bonus BioGroup)

The firm noteworthy that for each of the first 30 participants within the scientific trial, two sufferers, also tormented by excessive conditions, with an identical ages and comorbidities, had been selected to the “preserve an eye on neighborhood,” which failed to receive MesenCure.

After inspecting the tips, the firm stumbled on that Mesencure reduced about 70% of excessive COVID-19 sufferers’ mortality when put next to the mortality within the neighborhood that failed to receive the drug. The firm also noteworthy that about half of of the sufferers with excessive conditions of COVID-19 who had been treated with the treatment had been discharged from the health heart up to correct one day after the close of the treatment. 


“MesenCure is a drug comprised of residing cells,” Bronshtein outlined, noting that the cells “are infused into the affected person” and as soon as the cells “reach their lungs, they fill the irritation and start secreting molecules and compounds that soothe this irritation.”

The MesenCure study found that nearly all COVID-19 patients taking the drug survived.

The MesenCure look stumbled on that simply about all COVID-19 sufferers taking the drug survived.
(iStock, File)

Bronshtein noteworthy that it also reduces pneumonia and edema, which helps sufferers “be in a position to breathe.” 

“In parallel, [the cells] also ameliorate what’s known as the cytokine storm, which is the hyperimmune response that is aggravated in COVID 19,” he added.  

Bonus BioGroup argued that it’s miles “indispensable to produce a therapeutic risk for hospitalized, excessive COVID-19 sufferers” given “vaccines decrease, nevertheless attain not fully prevent COVID-19 infection and excessive illness, which is also the case with medications designed for at-residence cure of soft COVID-19 that might also simply decrease, nevertheless not prevent hospitalization and excessive illness.”


“We now own a drug that works and we desire to establish it to factual spend,” Bronshtein suggested Fox Info, adding that at demonstrate MesenCure is greatest on hand to COVID-19 sufferers tormented by excessive conditions thru compassionate spend in Israel. 

Bonus BioGroup has been seeking emergency use approval for the drug in Israel.

Bonus BioGroup has been searching for emergency spend approval for the drug in Israel.
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The Jerusalem Post reported in August that the Smartly being Ministry had licensed the expanded spend of MesenCure, which helped 15 out of the 17 sufferers with excessive conditions of COVID-19 be released from an Israeli health heart one day after receiving their final dose.

Following the implications of the section II scientific trial, Bronshtein said Bonus BioGroup is now searching for emergency spend approval starting in Israel. The firm is also persevering with to bustle section III learn. 


“We hope that after we get the approval in Israel, this might be accepted more without worry within the US and in Europe,” Bronshtein suggested Fox Info.

Bonus BioGroup CEO Shai Meretzki suggested Fox Info he became “very fully contented that in lower than 18 months we had been in a position to form a brand fresh on hand treatment for all these excessive sufferers that up to now failed to own a solution.” 

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