New video photos from NASA‘s Perseverance Mars rover of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter‘s 13th flight on September 4 affords “the most detailed survey yet of the rotorcraft in motion,” NASA acknowledged in a observation.

Ingenuity’s 160.5-2d Flight 13 stands out as one amongst the rotorcraft’s most noteworthy fights to this point, because the helicopter flew into various terrain within the “Séítah” geological feature and captured photos of an outcrop from several assorted angles for the rover crew. Taken from 26 toes in the air, the new photos supplement outdated photos captured throughout Flight 12.

The video of the flight, which used to be captured by the rover’s two-digicam Mastcam-Z, affords two angles of the rotorcraft’s trip. The first reveals the four-pound helicopter’s worthy-scale flight profile, whereas the 2d affords a conclude-up of takeoff and touchdown, which the rover’s crew captured as segment of learn supposed to measure the quantity of filth plumes generated by the rotorcraft.

“The value of Mastcam-Z surely shines by means of with these video clips,” acknowledged Justin Maki, deputy indispensable investigator for the Mastcam-Z instrument at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. “Even at 300 meters [328 yards] away, we fetch a dazzling closeup of takeoff and touchdown by means of Mastcam-Z’s ‘proper ogle.’ And whereas the helicopter is itsy-bitsy extra than a speck in the broad peek taken by means of the ‘left ogle,’ it affords viewers a legit feel for the dimensions of the atmosphere that Ingenuity is exploring.”

The helicopter is for the time being making ready to embark on its 16th flight, which is in a order to be a shorter, 109-2d flight and would possibly perchance perhaps involve the helicopter reaching a 33-foot altitude. Look the rover’s latest video above.

Ought to you left out it, NASA is planning to have a nuclear energy plant on the Moon.

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