Mass Effect characters stand in front of the Normandy SR3.

Liara T’Soni, Commander Shepard, Kaiden Alenko, Urdnot Wrex, Miranda Lawson, and Garrus Vakarian stand in entrance of the Normandy SR3.
Image: BioWare/EA

No question buoyed by notice that Wheel of Time is a success out of the gate, Amazon Studios is once extra reaching into its alarmingly deep pockets to fund one more vogue existing: an adaptation of standard BioWare and Digital Arts on-line sport Mass Pause.

This news comes courtesy of Time restrict, which form of tucked it into an editorial trumpeting the success of the supreme-launched Robert Jordan sequence. On the choice hand it is incandescent, each and each brooding about the huge Mass Pause fan injurious that’s already in pickle, and the fact that The Expanse is set to premiere its sixth and final season: a Mass Pause sequence has your entire most likely to be Amazon’s next sci-fi sensation.

It’s no longer save in stone but—the swap reviews that the streamer “is nearing a deal to manufacture [the] sequence,” but it with out a doubt bolsters that with some fervent comments from Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke: “You will peek us persevering with to make investments in fantasy kind of every and each model, we’ve a mode-focused team on the ground in Studios who work tirelessly with our ingenious partners on those slates, and that it’s most likely you’ll live up for extra.”

There’s no notice on how ahead we’ll be searching to peek Mass Pause—fundamental much less who’ll be showrunning, directing, writing, and starring in the aptitude sequence—but Salke did have a shred of recordsdata on Lord of the Rings, season one amongst which is slated to come in September 2022. “All programs are run on that existing, it seems entirely unheard of and we are able to’t wait to commence it to the sector. We know our global audience is hungry for elevated fantasy and shows according to beloved IP; we peek that with Wheel of Time, and Lord of the Rings will be the center-piece of our yr.”

What produce you mediate of the Mass Pause news? Are you tuning into Wheel of Time? Are you as “hungry for elevated fantasy and shows according to beloved IP” as Amazon Studios hopes? Sound off below!

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