A soldier in Battlefield 2042 begs for his life after failing to destroy a tank with an M5.

Screenshot: EA / Kotaku

Request the Recoilless M5 rocket launcher. Would love to feel frosty blowing stuff up? Knock your socks off. Would love to no doubt hang down a tank as efficiently as that you just presumably can also think? Battlefield 2042’s NWT-50 sniper rifle will attain the job extra rapidly.

One player lately build collectively some footage on the sport’s subreddit highlighting honest how great the discrepancy is and it’s a doozy. As first noticed by VG247, the M5 rocket launcher struggles to execute the tank in three rounds all over 14 seconds while the anti-armor sniper rifle eliminates the threat in four shots and honest below eight seconds.

There are a pair things going on here. First off, the NWT-50 doesn’t ranking unlocked till degree 60, meaning it’s still out of most gamers’ reach and on the same time should presumably feel vivid rattling frosty once unlocked.

The M5, on the opposite hand, is on hand to every person on the commence of the sport, but is the supreme ground rocket launcher in it. Some gamers bear claimed to bear a form of stress-free blowing up infantry spots with it, and you presumably can also on occasion ranking the killing blow on a automotive when working in dwell performance with the leisure of your team.

But I honest haven’t had worthy stress-free with it, precisely because there’s nothing extra deflating than unloading a number of rockets true into a tank and never even seeing it spend fireplace. I don’t bear the NWT-50 unlocked but, but I did take a look at out the favored-discipline sniper rifle and it still took down the tank in precisely 16 seconds, or two bigger than it took the player within the above video the expend of the M5.

Would it’s better if the M5 was once a beast that all 124 gamers in a match may well well well be rolling spherical with on the same time? Potentially now not! But what’s going on within the above video isn’t very supreme both, particularly brooding about how worthy of Battlefield 2042’s fresh conquest and step forward modes are snipe-fests to commence with. Add it to the list of revive bugs, hit detection woes, and spawn system defects.

At the very least the tanks are stress-free though.

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