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Within the most contemporary legend of massive-firm-buys-smaller-studio, Fable Games has bought Harmonix — a “massive” deal that will welcome the 26-365 days-frail Rock Band developer into Fable’s rising stable of studios that moreover entails Rocket League developer, Psyonix.

In a developer weblog printed on Tuesday, 23rd November, Harmonix answered a pair of questions that their followers could maybe well want, confirming that they’d proceed to enhance Fuser, Rock Band, and other video games with DLC, servers, and novel seasons:

What does this indicate for Rock Band DLC?

Nothing. We’ll be persevering with on with our existing DLC plans… and there are a immense option of considerable tracks coming as we wrap up 2021 and push into subsequent 365 days!

Will you opt doing Opponents Seasons?

Yup! We’ve bought a relaxing Season 25 already planned and plenty of solutions for Season 26 and beyond.

What about FUSER occasions?

No change there either!

Does this indicate more Rock Band devices will doubtless be made?

Right here is now not in our most modern plans.

Will FUSER and your other video games peaceable be on hand on Steam?

Yes, all our video games will stay on hand on Steam and console.

What about the servers for [INSERT HARMONIX GAME HERE]? Will these be taken offline?

We aren’t planning to substitute the methodology we enhance any of our older video games.

Fable’s have weblog confirms that Harmonix will “[continue] to enhance existing titles including Rock Band 4.”

As for what Fable plans to attain with Harmonix’s legacy as a creator of musical and rhythm video games, that is peaceable a secret — but Harmonix verbalize that they’ll be working on “musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite“. Fable describes it as section of their expanding metaverse plans:

“As we work to make the metaverse, this expertise is wished to reimagine how track is skilled, created and dispensed.”

Alain Tascan, Vice President of Game Building at Fable, said: “On the side of the Harmonix team we can became how gamers expertise track, going from passive listeners to lively participants.”

May maybe well maybe moreover this be akin to the Ariana Grande live efficiency held currently — but more interactive? Easiest time will present.

How are you feeling about this most modern online sport acquisition? Allow us to know in the comments.

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