Two spartans with pistols and one with a commando walk down a platform in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industries

Halo Countless, which is slated for stout commence on December 8 however had its multiplayer mode surprise-launched in beta final week, aspects as sturdy an arsenal as any various Halo. Assortment stalwarts are basically just like ever: The battle rifle aloof fires in three-round bursts, the needler aloof turns enemies into explosive crimson porcupines, the sword aloof swords, and so forth. However amid familiarity, Halo Countless adds 11 fully fresh weapons to the combo.

These fresh weapons of not-mass destruction work in some unexpected ways. Pointless to impart, rules one (level) and two (shoot) note all the way in which thru the board here. However virtually every fresh gun aspects aspects that isn’t going to right away be apparent—significantly whereas you happen to haven’t availed your self of Halo Countless’s single-player weapon drills, a sequence of tutorials billed as challenges however utterly devoid of any stakes.

There’s incentive to accept a tackle on every, too. Halo Countless’s divisive battle pass is fully contingent on progressing thru day-to-day and weekly challenges. About a of these challenges are of the “raze X enemies with Y weapon you’ve by no way used” fluctuate. (I balked at a fresh peril that requested me to earn 10 kills with a stalker rifle, a weapon I’d used perchance twice prior. Then I realized how most productive to make spend of it.) Whenever it’s good to have to nasty up rapidly, you’ll need to manufacture spend of every obtainable gun. Right here’s how every fresh weapon in Halo Countless works—plus some advice for how to bustle the table with them.

Pulse Carbine

In a sequence first, Halo Countless doesn’t have a plasma rifle or any of its adaptations. As an different, the favorite-peril Covenant vitality weapon is one thing called the heartbeat carbine. Factor in it tackle a plasma rifle (spews shield-draining globules) that fires tackle a battle rifle (in three-round bursts). Your most productive wager is to make spend of it as you can its predecessor: taking pictures an enemy a pair times to pop their shields, then switching to your pistol for a headshot. Display, though, that the plasma carbine’s projectiles pass glacially and are without complications dodged, so spend it straight-on as an alternative of in opposition to any individual who’s strafing.

The shock rifle, an electric sniper rifle in Halo Infinite, hovers over a red background.

For a non-explosive weapon, the shock rifle is shockingly upright in opposition to autos.
Image: 343 Industries

Shock Rifle

The shock rifle is a sniper…ish rifle that shoots electrified rounds. Its gimmick is that a part of any injure you deal will jump to enemies adjacent to your intention. Component is, the injure is so negligible that you just shouldn’t bother strategizing around it. As an different—and this is succesful of perhaps not happen originally—the shock rifle is tremendously efficient in opposition to autos: Two pictures stalls every car I’ve examined it on (mongoose, ghost, chopper, warthog, that silly warthog that doesn’t have a turret). Beats the hell out of trying to land that shut to-not doable shot on the ghost’s gas tank.


Before the whole lot locate, the mangler looks precisely just like the mauler, a longtime Halo weapon that fell someplace between pistol and shotgun. It’s nothing tackle the mauler—not even remotely. The mangler, no matter its appearances, is a single-shot mid-ranged weapon. It’s real, too: Three pictures (two body, one head) to buy out somebody. Factual remember of the bullet tumble, which in all equity important if you pass “kinda a long way away” and veer into “reasonably a long way away” territory.


The disruptor doesn’t right away dish out mighty injure however reasonably applies a injure-over-time attain which will bleed your foe out after you end hitting them. You could to perchance perhaps fire it a little sooner whereas you happen to manually pull the trigger for every shot, and the disruptor’s pictures seem rather efficient on enemies who’ve already lost their shields. (The plasma carbine can succor with that.) Additional, it prevents shields from recharging, so whereas you happen to tag any individual with it about a times and they duck at the relief of duvet, it’s also possible to very successfully be in a local to accept the tumble on them sooner than their shields recharge. In a roundabout way, whereas you happen to would perchance perhaps land around six pictures, your foe’s doubtless going to die. I’m aloof trying to settle out the most productive spend case for this one, however I will pronounce this mighty: It’s suuuper silly whereas you posthumously raze any individual with it.

The bulldog, a shotgun in Halo Infinite, hovers over a white background.

You would pass over the frail shotgun, however the bulldog forces you to learn fresh shut-fluctuate suggestions.
Image: 343 Industries


Halo Countless does away with Halo’s primitive (and arguably overpowered) shotgun. Its alternative, the bulldog, can’t raze an completely shielded enemy in a single hit. However it’s blessedly sooner-firing, and likewise you needn’t reload every round personally. Two or three pictures will raze most enemies in shut fluctuate, or it’s also possible to land one shot and right away apply it up with a melee attack. That’ll raze somebody right away, supplied they’re not coated by an overshield.


The heatwave requires some on-the-flee calculations. Watch, it fires six projectiles. It’s essential to a little of more (I’m not particular the utter number) than 12 to raze any individual. By clicking the ethical joystick, it’s also possible to change between a horizontal or vertical firing sample. Also, the rounds can bounce off surfaces. So here’s the answer: Land two pictures when the reticle is vertical (totaling 12), then change to the wider-berth horizontal plan, which is a little simpler to hit any individual with, to create opponents off.

Stalker Rifle

In every other instance of 343 Industries gutting the Covenant armory, Halo Countless doesn’t feature the beam rifle (a sniper rifle) or the carbine (a mid-fluctuate gun). They’re collectively changed by a unique weapon that marries aspects from both: the stalker rifle. Before the whole lot locate, you’d trust it’s a sniper; it’s also possible to zoom in twice, and it has the same vitality sink as the beam rifle, as an alternative of the clips of nearer-fluctuate weapons. Don’t let that fool you. The stalker rifle is more tackle the carbine than the leisure: fires rapidly, affords moderate injure, and gets the job done at reasonably mighty any fluctuate. Your “clips” are measured by a semicircular gauge within the heart of the veil veil, which slowly turns from white to yellow to crimson as you shoot. Seven pictures causes it to overheat. Vent after the sixth shot; in every other case, the technique takes a number of seconds.

The commando, an automatic rifle in Halo Infinite, hovers over a blue background.

It looks tackle Halo 4′s DMR, however the commando is completely automatic.
Image: 343 Industries


Don’t fabricate the same mistake all people makes: The commando, which sports a the same silhouette as the DMR from previous video games—and, you’d trust, is a equally single-shot weapon—is an completely automatic rifle. That stated, taking pictures all of it stout tilt causes the barrel to veer wildly out of relief watch over. Retain issues regular by firing three or four rounds at a time.


The skewer is, without search info from, the funniest weapon within the sport. Even though it’s admittedly sophisticated to land pictures, what with that dime-sized reticle, you’ll raze somebody in a single shot no matter the put you hit them. However the skewer shines in opposition to greater targets: Two pictures to a warthog’s hood and kaboom. Identical for the ghost (and various autos).


For a gun that’s presented as an different to the rocket launcher, the cindershot is a little of letdown. As a form of grenade launcher, the cindershot is with out a doubt highly efficient, in a local to raze enemies in just a shot or two whereas you happen to land inform hits. You could to perchance perhaps bounce grenades off surfaces, too, so there’s a ability in trying to angle them off partitions and floors and into opponents. Per the in-sport weapon drill, there’s a laser-guided component to every round, however I’ll sq. with you that I haven’t completely realized how to make spend of it successfully on Xbox real but. My website online visitors on PC say me it’s plenty simpler with a mouse and keyboard than with an Xbox controller.


Don’t even bother. There’s too mighty of a hole between pictures with its favorite firing mode, leaving you huge open. Meanwhile, the secondary fire (withhold down the trigger to generate a pool of fire that hurts enemies over time) takes too long to payment, is easy to dodge, and doesn’t even raze enemies who create accept caught in it. If the ravager reveals up in any create for your weeklies, real spend one of your peril swaps.

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