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Pokémon Good Diamond and Shimmering Pearl is at final right here, and basically, contributors seem like playing it… but there are some exciting bugs within the game which were fun players since its originate final week — and one in every of them ingredients Crew Galactic at final doing what Crew Rocket never might perhaps presumably.

In a clip from Reddit user u/mikeloud, a Crew Galactic Teach might perhaps presumably also moreover be seen “accidentally” stealing the participant’s Ponyta, factual by merely… scooting it off the display. The Ponyta is, needless to claim, exterior of its Pokéball, the exercise of the Amity Square characteristic that helps you to keep in mind your Pokémon follow you around.

Fortuitously, the Ponyta theft is now not permanent. In case your Pokémon procure stuck someplace some distance-off, they’re going to teleport succor to you. Fooled all over again, fallacious guys!

Enjoy you ever experienced this worm within the brand new Pokémon remakes? Or any varied exciting bugs that made you verbalize? Enable us to know within the comments.


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