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Unusual updates are being added at the backside of this chronicle…….

Common chronicle (published on November 1, 2021) follows:

Android 12, the most most original version of Google’s working gadget, brought many ravishing and handy modifications. Whereas the unusual points are stunning, the build modifications are now no longer engaging to all and sundry.

Android 12 modified things love gadget deplorable colours, widget form/size, and lock display clock. It looks that the unusual lock display clock is solely a tiny confusing for some Google Pixel customers, primarily primarily primarily based on experiences.

Android 12’s unusual lock display clock build is a sing for some

Some customers represent feeling pretty melancholy with the unusual map the clock is displayed on the Android 12 lock display.

Interestingly, the unusual build may perhaps maybe well also merely furthermore be rather confusing and impractical for many, as it does now no longer enable them to know the time at a fast ogle.

My mobile phone moral up to this point and amongst other annoying modifications I now own a square clock existing on my lock display. I in reality own dyslexia and can’t learn the square existing. Is there any map for me to alter it?


Android 12 switch the map my lock display time lays out….. Correct into a procedure where this is also very complicated for me to learn and realize the time in that format. I’d select to return to the broken-down map where time made sense and I didn’t detest taking a ogle at my mobile phone… How carry out I carry out that?


Interestingly customers had been already very conversant within the Android 11 lock display clock format, which remained extra or much less traditional and straight forward to express.

On the opposite hand, Android 12 modified this on Google Pixel telephones. Now, the build of the clock on the lock display has a huge size and a particular format that makes it complicated to make clear like a flash.

There is a workaround for that

For folk that don’t love the unusual build of the clock on the Android 12 lock display, there is a workaround that would also merely assist.

Interestingly, the unusual ‘big clock’ of Android 12 is most original so long as there are no active notifications on the lock display. When there is an active notification, the clock modifications to a smaller format.

So, the workaround is to express an app that repeatedly retains a notification active. A Google Product knowledgeable suggested a opinion in response to thought to be one of many experiences:

Whereas you may perhaps maybe now no longer manually switch it back to the broken-down one-line H:MM format, you may perhaps maybe catch that smaller format if there are any active notifications in your mobile phone.

I express an app Brand Perceive that enables you to know the map you’d be connected to the data superhighway – wifi or cellular. It has an probability to existing an icon on the notification line. As long as that is active, my lock display presentations the one-line clock.


Climate apps may perhaps maybe well also merely furthermore work for this workaround, as a represent suggests:


It’s miles unknown if Google will switch the build of the clock

It’s miles now no longer but identified if Google plans to alter the build of the lock display clock in future Android 12 updates. To for the time being, the firm has now no longer officially commented on the topic.

We can update this text when unusual updates appear on this inconvenience. Within the period in-between, that you just can also furthermore test the Train/Malicious program tracker dedicated to Android 12 on Google Pixel telephones.

Replace 1 (November 02)

09: 43 am (IST): Whereas you in reality disfavor the square clock, then that you just can also investigate cross-test apps much like KLCK that enable one to customise the lockscreen. It isn’t flawless with Android 12, but it with out a doubt does what it’s purported to carry out.

Replace 2 (November 03)

09: 50 am (IST): If don’t are trying to fling the Climate app route, that you just can also even express an app known as Persistent Notifications that enables you so as to add notes or to-carry out lists.

This may perhaps maybe well also merely assist catch rid of the big square clock on the lockscreen as pointed out by a Redditor.

Whereas you don’t desire a weather app notification repeatedly, there’s an app known as Persistent Notifications where that you just can also fling away your self notes (or a blank message) as a notification that won’t fling away as neatly. (Supply)

Replace 3 (November 05)

10: 20 am (IST): Ava Lockscreen is but every other stunning non-root app that enables you to customise your lockscreen in moral a pair of taps. Whereas you’re taking a ogle to change the Android 12 lockscreen, safe Ava Lockscreen here.

Replace 4 (November 06)

12: 20 pm (IST): Incoming is but but every other remarkable lockscreen customization utility that’s on hand free of payment known as Solo Locker. The app presents quite lots of customization choices to dazzling-tune your lockscreen.

Replace 5 (November 08)

09: 59 am (IST): A aim assign a query to that became once submitted to Google’s inconvenience tracker just about having an probability to tweak the big clock on the lockscreen has been marked permitted.

This does now no longer necessarily imply we’d perceive extra lockscreen clock customizations devoted away, but it with out a doubt does ship some hope.

Replace 6 (November 09)

10: 31 am (IST): Whereas you aren’t a mountainous fan of the Android 12 lockscreen clock and don’t thoughts having an iOS 15-esque lockscreen, then the ‘Lock Tune & Notifications iOS 15‘ app may perhaps be something that you just’d are trying to clutch a ogle at out.

Because the title suggests, it replaces the default lockscreen with an iOS-inspired lockscreen. Thus, you won’t perceive the big clock at any time when your wake or turn in your smartphone.

Replace 7 (November 10)

10: 10 am (IST): A Tasker challenge lets you configure a smaller, frequent-size clock widget on the AOD lock display of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Legitimate with Android 12.

All you’d like is the Tasker app, safe thought to be one of many initiatives (by no methodology point to the tall clock or repeatedly point to the tall clock on AOD) and import it into Tasker.

From there, that you just can also win the kind of the clock widget within the AOD of the lock display of your Pixel with Android 12

Replace 8 (November 11)

12: 16 pm (IST): Incoming is but every other remarkable utility that enables you to alter up the lockscreen. PIN Genie Locker is on hand as a free app on the Play Store and has a pair of cool points up its sleeve.

Replace 9 (November 12)

11: 30 am (IST): Since it does now no longer seem that Google will most seemingly be collectively with the likelihood to change the big clock on the lockscreen anytime quickly, here’s but every other remarkable lockscreen change app known as Floatify Lockscreen.

Replace 10 (November 13)

11: 13 am (IST): Notific: Lockscreen Notifications is but every other decent lockscreen change app you may perhaps also investigate cross-test. The app is easy to express and has a pair of utterly different issues to win from.

Replace 11 (November 15)

1: 01 pm (IST): Gloomy Gap – Lock display is also an app that enables customers to customise their Android lockscreen’s test and if fact be told feel.

Replace 12 (November 16)

12: 17 pm (IST): AcDisplay is but but every other viable replacement. It presents a weird map of handling notifications in Android.

This may perhaps maybe well also merely can will enable you to take grasp of about unusual notifications by exhibiting a minimal, fast-witted display, allowing you to commence them straight from the lock display.

Replace 13 (November 17)

10: 27 am (IST): Going by the most original experiences, the square clock on Android 12L – a utterly different aim tumble version to assemble the OS greater on tall display devices – will also employ a significant part of the present.

The discipline consumed by the clock is dependent upon the notifications, as may perhaps maybe well also merely furthermore be viewed within the image below:

Click on or tap to assemble greater

Replace 14 (November 18)

10: 42 am (IST): One particular particular person recommends downloading the Weawow – Climate & Widget utility that repeatedly displays weather files on the lockscreen to shrink down the mountainous clock.

I attempted hundreds things. Eventually found an advert-free weather app that in reality presentations a customizable weather widget on the lock display. It’s known as Weawow – Climate & Widget. print?identification=com.weawow

It’s so customizable, it’ll clutch you some time to verify the full choices. (Supply)

Replace 15 (November 19)

11: 24 am (IST): A assign a query to for lockscreen customization on Android 12 became once permitted on the legitimate inconvenience tracker page. Hence, we hope to verify some customization choices in future builds.

Replace 16 (November 20)

12: 53 pm (IST): Surely one of our readers pointed out you may perhaps also even express the Samsung Well being app to existing your footstep count on the lockscreen and in turn catch rid of the big clock.

Thanks for the tip, Robert Grant Webster!

Replace 17 (November 22)

11: 43 am (IST): Wave – Customizable Lock display is but every other remarkable lockscreen replacement you may perhaps also strive out to change the big clock on Android 12. The app is free to safe via the Google Play Store.

Replace 18 (November 23)

04: 09 pm (IST): Whereas you’re taking a ogle for a straightforward but wonderful lockscreen change app, we’d point out trying out Canyon – Lock Tune. It too is on hand free of payment on the Play Store and does now no longer own a mountainous clock.

Replace 19 (November 24)

04: 26 pm (IST): Lockscreen Climate-Clock, Memo is also a in reality perfect lockscreen replacement that even permits you so as to add notes or learn the data straight out of your lockscreen. Needless to direct, it displays the clock within the veteran format too.

Replace 20 (November 25)

11: 39 am (IST): Sticking to the continual notification workaround, a YouTuber has shared a video highlighting the map it’ll be performed the express of the Notification Maker utility. Are trying it out below:

Replace 21 (November 26)

12: 11 pm (IST): Lock Tune iOS 15 is but every other remarkable iOS 15-esque lockscreen change and is on hand free of payment via the Google Play Store.

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