GMB: Dr Amir Khan discusses blood clot signs

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Dr Benjamin Wedro outlined: “A blood clot is a gel-savor mass formed by platelets and fibrin in the blood to pause bleeding.” Its motive is to restore harm to a blood vessel. But, regularly, blood clots can create inappropriately inner an artery or vein. And when it does, a blood clot might per chance furthermore be a pickle for the circulation of blood float in direction of the mind.

The warning signs of a blood clot in the legs encompass redness, swelling and anguish.

Signs of an arterial blood clots in the leg can encompass “numbness, loss of feeling, and coolness to the touch”.

“Venous blood clots one more time and one more time ticket slowly,” warned Dr Wedro, including there shall be a “unhurried onset of swelling, anguish and discolouration”.

Any of those signs should be checked over by your doctor, who will then take cling of if medication is obligatory.

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Blood clot warnings

Blood clot warnings (Image: Getty)

Diagnostic instruments might per chance encompass an ultrasound, venography, and blood take a look at.

While medication can fluctuate from anticoagulation medication (i.e. blood thinners) to surgical operation.

Warning signs of a stroke

The NHS acknowledged: “A stroke is a valuable life-threatening scientific situation that happens when the blood provide to portion of the mind is gash again off.”

Urgent medication is a necessary if any of the following signs are gift:

  • Face – the face shall be pleased dropped on one aspect, the person might per chance no longer be ready to smile, or their mouth or detect shall be pleased drooped.
  • Fingers – the person might per chance no longer be ready to raise both arms and withhold them there thanks to weak point or numbness in one arm.
  • Speech – their speech is inclined to be slurred or garbled, or the person might per chance no longer be ready to focus on in any admire no matter showing to be wide awake; they’d per chance per chance furthermore be pleased issues working out what you are pronouncing to them.
  • Time – it is time to dial 999 straight away whereas you happen to imprint any of those signs or signs.


The health physique added: “Signs in the FAST take a look at title most strokes, nevertheless once at this time a stroke can trigger diversified signs.”

Other signs might per chance encompass:

  • Entire paralysis of 1 aspect of the physique
  • Unexpected loss or blurring of vision
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Enviornment working out what others are pronouncing
  • Issues with steadiness and co-ordination
  • Enviornment swallowing (dysphagia)
  • A unexpected and intensely excessive headache resulting in a blinding anguish unlike one thing experienced sooner than
  • Loss of consciousness.

What causes a blood clot?

Dr Wedro acknowledged: “The likelihood factors for arterial clots are of us who are typical to all diseases that trigger narrowing of blood vessels, ldl cholesterol plaque formation, and plaque break.”

These encompass: excessive blood stress, excessive ldl cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, a family ancient past of stroke, and most cancers.

Blood clot warning signs

Blood clot warning signs (Image: Issue)

Therefore, in relate to minimise the likelihood of a unhealthy blood clot, Dr Wedro advises all smokers to “stop smoking”.

Dawdle can also be key to relief toughen blood float, so any one travelling for long distances is impressed to “stroll every couple of hours”.

The NHS added that folks shall be pleased to aloof “drink lots of water to lead certain of dehydration”.

It is because “you are more inclined to assemble a clot whereas you happen to’re dehydrated”.

Stroke symptoms

Stroke signs (Image: Issue)

Obesity can also be a likelihood direct for developing blood clots, so any one who is chubby is instantaneous to “lose weight”.

Furthermore, the health physique acknowledged: “Agree with out a longer sit for long sessions without interesting, whereas you happen to can steer certain of it.”

As correctly as: “Agree with out a longer drink plenty of alcohol – this is able to per chance per chance plot you dehydrated.”

Anyone concerned the be pleased a blood clot pretty now shall be pleased to aloof name NHS 111 for recommendation.

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