This fable is share of Welcome to Mars, our series exploring the red planet.

Generally when the Ingenuity helicopter takes flight on Mars, we gather to search info from some nifty aloof photos snapped by the rotorcraft exhibiting its like shadow or just a few of the encircling panorama. Smooth video photography from the perspective of NASA’s Perseverance rover presents us a varied perspective on the fearless chopper’s exploits.

Percy became in a appropriate region to peek Ingenuity when it took off for its 13th flight on Sept. 4. The photography is “essentially the most detailed search info from yet of the rotorcraft in action,” NASA said In a statement Thursday.

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NASA shared two versions of the flight, one who’s zoomed in and one who reveals a mighty wider angle with extra of Mars within the image. The flight lasted moral over 160 seconds. The home agency said it “stands out as undoubtedly one of Ingenuity’s most subtle.” 

The rotorcraft lifts off and makes an aerial exploration of a put within the Jezero Crater named Seitah. Ingenuity is appearing as a scout for Perseverance and undoubtedly one of its objectives with the 13th flight became to rob photos of an spell binding outcrop.

The rover’s Mastcam-Z — an instrument located on its “head” — delivered the amazing photography. “Even at 300 meters [328 yards] away, we gather a beautiful closeup of takeoff and touchdown thru Mastcam-Z’s ‘appropriate peek.’ And while the helicopter is little bigger than a speck within the vast search info from taken thru the ‘left peek,’ it presents viewers a appropriate truly feel for the dimensions of the ambiance that Ingenuity is exploring,” said Mastcam-Z deputy major investigator Justin Maki.

Having a helicopter on Mars moral would not gather extinct. Or no longer it’s been so a hit that it’s straightforward to omit how experimental it’s. NASA didn’t know if it would work in any appreciate, and now it’s making ready for its 16th flight as rapidly as this weekend. With Perseverance as a glimpse, we are in a position to marvel at Ingenuity’s staying power.  

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